In Loving Memory of Sylvester "Sly the wine guy" Taylor
April 9th, 1960 - September 4th, 2021
Dear Family & Friends
Thank you so much for your outpouring of love & support as we celebrate my dad, Sylvester Taylor. We have received an overwhelming amount of direct messages, calls and texts, so in an effort to keep everyone updated simultaneously, we have created this page.

Please feel free to share this page with others as well.

Thank you again so much! 
-The Taylor Family 
Sly's Homegoing Celebration 
The celebration of the legendary Sylvester "Sly" Taylor are as follows:

Public Visitation: Monday, September 20th at 3-7pm
Woodlawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park
400 Woodlawn Cemetery Road, Gotha, Fl 34734

Service: Tuesday September 21st at 11am
Woodlawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park
400 Woodlawn Cemetery Road, Gotha, Fl 34734

Celebration of Life (Repast) will immediately follow the service
at Woodlawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park.

Funeral Director: Rebecca (Becky) Raph-Bowie 
Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Taylor family. 

Sly's  Hospital Updates:
7/28/2021: ICU care- Dad was admitted to the hospital in ICU with 799 Blood Sugar. Placed on Bipap which made it difficult for him to speak. No calls but please feel free to text him with inspirational messages or prayers. Mom and I began video chatting with him since we are unable to visit due to hospital visitation policy.
8/09/2021:  PCU care - Downgraded from ICU to PCU. Dr. says he is doing much better overall. No longer Covid positive. Ordered Physical Therapy 3x/wk. Off Bipap. High heat flow oxygen. Discussion about moving to a rehab facility as soon as they find a location. Waiting for case manager to update on location.
8/10/2021: PCU care- Doing much better. Breathing improving. Remains on heated high flow with improving requirements. 
8/12/2021: PCU care- Had significant oxygen desaturation overnight.  Feels well overall. 
8/13/2021: PCU care- Remains on oxygen. States he feels good overall. 
8/16/2021: PCU care- Having difficult time maintaining oxygen levels. He is unhappy with lack of progress. 
8/17/2021: PCU care- His spirits better overall. Moved to a different room. Feels encouraged that there is some positive. Dr.'s stating that "he will be allowed to see his wife today" 
8/21/2021: PCU care- No significant change. He is eager to go home. 

8/27/2021: PCU care- Feels worse overall. Rapid Response Team. 
8/28/2021: PCU  care- My mother inquired about x-ray/labs taken via Rapid Response. Dr. said they "were looking for virus or blood clots" but didn't find that to be the case. Wasn't sure why he was having trouble with oxygen levels 
8/31/2021: PCU to ICU care - Spent the day with my mom. Showing signs of progress early morning, set to do physical therapy and case manager finally called to let us know the name of the rehab facility, Select Rehab. Later in the afternoon, we get a call from the Hospitalist that a code blue was called and he was moved back to the ICU and put back on the Bipap machine due to "unstable oxygen" and were told at this point "we are going to put it in God's hands". When we arrived back to the hospital, the ICU Pulmonary doctor didn't seem to have much faith in his recovery either. As you can imagine we were devastated. It was totally unexpected. I hadn't seen my dad in over a month, only via video chat. So since only one visitor is allowed, I sat with my dad for a few hours holding his hand and chatted with him until the nurse told me that visiting hours were over. The thing of it is, I know my daddy is a fighter. God is a healer and will restore his health 100%. He's got this! 
9/2 /2021 ICU care- Showing signs of improvement. Completed Physical therapy exercises several times, with physical therapist and on his own with mom. Maintained his oxygen.

9/3/2021: ICU care- Still showing improvement. Completed Physical therapy exercises w/ mom. Maintained his oxygen. He got some incredible news, he got the magical call he was waiting for to come back to work after being furloughed since last year. He was ELATED! 
9/4/2021: ICU care- Early this morning my daddy sent us a text. He was so excited, "Good Morning! They are moving me out of ICU!". Two hours later we got an urgent call from the hospital that we needed to hurry to get there because dad was taking a turn for the worse. Thankfully we all had the opportunity to speak with him, hold is hand and look into his eyes. As it breaks our hearts to type this, daddy passed away peacefully early this evening. My daddy fought hard but he is finally getting the rest he deserves.

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