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Let’s Play A Game

The name of the game, if you haven’t guessed by now is: #WhereIsSlay. Sylaisha Ivy Taylor, owner & technologist of Think Outside The World, also known as “Slay”, came up with the concept of introducing new experiences using, immersive 360 technology. Just like ‘Where Is Waldo”, “I SPY” and “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?”, the goal here is to not only find Slay and other hidden objects, but to also introduce new experiences and find the meaning as to why this particular place is important.

Can You Find Slay?

Slay is a huge fan of games that make you think and if you’re a fan of hidden objects, we have created this game just for you. Would you like to play? See if you can find Slay and a few hidden objects. Click on the link provided below.

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Join Slay

Join Slay ( and company) on virtual adventures, literally anywhere. The key here is to invite you to experiences beyond your current environment. For the best immersive experience, make sure you set the quality to the highest setting and view the experience through a pair of Virtual Reality Headsets, if you have them. Enjoy.

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