While working at a charter school in Kissimmee, I noticed that the cafeteria staff was using a folding table as their checkout station. I figured surely they could use something much more sturdier than that. So every now and then I enjoy repurposing things, that’s when I stumbled across these two wooden used kiosks for $1 each. At first I didn’t purchase them because I thought, “what could I use them for.” The next day, it drove me crazy and I figured if they are still where I found them, it must be meant to be. So I went back, grabbed them and they sat in my office for days until I figured out the exact logistics.

So I cleaned them up, placed the Point of Sale system on the inside and boom– a checkout station! But that’s not the best part, it was a surprise and when the cafeteria staff came in the next day…they were so appreciative. That made it all worth it.

Not only did it make things easier for the Cafeteria staff but for the students as well.

Now, that’s how you #ThinkOutsideTheWorld.