Sylaisha I. Taylor

Visionary & Technologist


Think Outside The World (TOTW), created by visionary and technologist, Sylaisha I. Taylor, simply means to open your mind to different perspectives and think for yourself.

Prior to starting Think Outside The World, Taylor’s love for technology sparked during childhood as she would take apart old electronics and reassemble them. In high school, she freelanced by building websites, performing data recovery, and recording audio study guides. Taylor later earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Interpersonal Organizational/Communication from the University of Central Florida.

Taylor’s Innovative mindset and background in Technology, Communication, Sociology, Research Methods, Government Affairs, Education and Music collectively provided the perfect foundation for Think Outside The World. With the rapid advancement of technology, Taylor recognized the need to provide an avenue for small businesses to operate efficiently and expeditiously by introducing unique concepts that get the job done through the use of Web Applications, Customer Relationship Management Software (CRMs) and Technical Problem Solving. Taylor’s creativity doesn’t stop there, Immersive Technology provides a platform for Taylor to transport her clients and their audiences to a particular moment; delivering an entirely different perspective.

The ultimate mission is to deliver effective, relational solutions and immersive content that positively changes the world we live in. So, grab a pair of Virtual Reality Goggles, relax and get ready to enjoy the Think Outside The World Immersive Experience.

We've come a mighty long way

From creating websites, developing business systems and presentations for small businesses to focusing more on the mind, body and spirit of our clients using Augmented/Virtual Reality technology and aromatherapy. While we have since discontinued some of the following services, we just wanted to share a few milestones:

Think Outside The World was made official

September 1, 2012

Attendance Tracking

October 7, 2013

Our task here was to research a new way to track Student Activity for the Blooming In June Debutante Coterie Scholarship Program Sponsored by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc-Psi Theta Omega Chapter (Orlando, FL). So, we created a new system with the help of an app called, MyTimeStation.com. Check out the video to see how we used the application.

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Website Program Launch

November 7, 2013

We were tasked with creating a website that would not only share information about an incredible program but provide a place for users to purchase tickets, submit souvenir journal ads with payment, collect donations and members only hub for participants and parents.

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Business Systems

January 9, 2014

This is one of our projects that we did for a local gospel recording artist, LaRue Howard. Check her out, she’s phenomenal. www.LaRueLive.com. We streamlined her entire booking process so that both parties can get to the main ingredient of preparing for an event instead of getting slowed down with paperwork. #ConsiderItDone. This system is also apart of our #GoGreenInitiative.

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Repurpose Project

August 31, 2015

Repurpose Project

While working at a charter school in Kissimmee, I noticed that the cafeteria staff was using a folding table as their checkout station. I figured surely they could use something much more sturdier than that. So every now and then I enjoy repurposing things, that’s when I stumbled across these two wooden used kiosks for $1 each. At first I didn’t purchase them because I thought, “what could I use them for.” The next day, it drove me crazy and I figured if they are still where I found them, it must be meant to be. So I went back, grabbed them and they sat in my office for days until I figured out the exact logistics. So I cleaned them up, placed the Point of Sale system on the inside and boom– a checkout station! But that’s not the best part, it was a surprise and when the cafeteria staff came in the next day…they were so appreciative. That made it all worth it. Not only did it make things easier for the Cafeteria staff but for the students as well. Now, that’s how you #ThinkOutsideTheWorld.

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Memory Game

June 21, 2016

We participated in the Alzheimer’s Association Longest Day Impact Day alongside the Psi Theta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha by creating an online memory game to proactively exercise the brain and raise awareness about Alzheimer’s. We created the memory game using an online application called EducaPlay.com and pictures from the onsite event. Click Here To Play

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“Ms. Taylor designed and created a wonderful memory stimulating game to educate adults about the impact of Alzheimer's Disease. Not only did we have fun, with her innovation but we exercised our brain cells. ”

- Shaneka W.