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Sylaisha I. Taylor

Visionary & Technologist

Think Outside The World (TOTW), created by visionary and technologist, Sylaisha I. Taylor, simply means to open your mind to different perspectives and think for yourself.

Prior to starting Think Outside The World, Taylor’s love for technology sparked during childhood as she would take apart old electronics and reassemble them. In high school, she freelanced by building websites, performing data recovery, and recording audio study guides. Taylor later earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Interpersonal Organizational/Communication from the University of Central Florida.

Taylor’s Innovative mindset and background in Technology, Communication, Sociology, Research Methods, Government Affairs, Education and Music collectively provided the perfect foundation for Think Outside The World. With the rapid advancement of technology, Taylor recognized the need to provide an avenue for small businesses to operate efficiently and expeditiously by introducing unique concepts that get the job done through the use of Web Applications, Customer Relationship Management Software (CRMs) and Technical Problem Solving. Taylor’s creativity doesn’t stop there, Immersive Technology provides a platform for Taylor to transport her clients and their audiences to a particular moment; delivering an entirely different perspective.

The ultimate mission is to deliver effective, relational solutions and immersive content that positively changes the world we live in. So, grab a pair of Virtual Reality Goggles, relax and get ready to enjoy the Think Outside The World Immersive Experience.


“Ms. Taylor designed and created a wonderful memory stimulating game to educate adults about the impact of Alzheimer's Disease. Not only did we have fun, with her innovation but we exercised our brain cells. ”

- Shaneka W.