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So glad you could stop by our Welcome Blog. I know what you’re thinking: “What is Think Outside The World and how do I do it?” Well, the answer is simple: Think Outside The World is a lifestyle. In order for us to change the world we live in, we have to be able to change the way we see it and change the way we think.

In addition to creating Immersive Content, we connect people with businesses, web applications and unique concepts that simplify the complexities of life, encouraging individuals to see things from a different perspective. We believe that anyone can Think Outside The World; they just have to be willing to change their perceptions and think for themselves.

So, feel free to browse through our website and connect with us on this journey, we’ll show you how to Think Outside The World and you just might find the missing piece(s) you are looking for.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt (Bridal Shower Edition)

Love is in the air! We were asked to come up with fun games to play for a bridal shower. Well, challenge Accepted! So we immediately started brainstorming on the perfect game that is done Think Outside The World style. We like to take things to the extreme and find...
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Throwback Slumber Party for Groups of 10+

When we were younger, slumber parties used to be so much fun. You get to stay up late, eat junk food and just hang out with your besties. Well, who said the fun had to end at childhood? Sure we’re all adults now with responsibilities but we do have what is called...
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From Prom to Paris: Students visit Paris without leaving their Prom

How do you take a room full of High Schoolers on a free trip to Paris? Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is increasingly becoming more mainstream than ever before. When we found out the theme for the prom, we wanted to make this a night to remember so we came up with...
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How to repurpose used kiosks

While working at a charter school in Kissimmee, I noticed that the cafeteria staff was using a folding table as their checkout station. I figured surely they could use something much more sturdier than that. So every now and then I enjoy repurposing things, that’s...
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QR Code Bingo

We were graciously invited to introduce productivity tools at the Get Set for Tech Technology workshop hosted by the Metro Orlando Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. As an Icebreaker, we came up with a unique game we affectionately call, QR Code Bingo. We...
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