How do you take a room full of High Schoolers on a free trip to Paris? Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is increasingly becoming more mainstream than ever before. When we found out the theme for the prom, we wanted to make this a night to remember so we came up with an idea that was sure to blow their minds.

To make this happen, we did the following:

  • We found an excellent guided tour of Paris (Click Here to View)
  • Generated a QR Code to link to the video,
  • Prepared an instruction sheet with the code on it, printed it and framed it
  • As an added treat, for students whose phones weren’t compatible or those conserving their battery power for texting, selfies and snapchat, we configured two unused smartphones to keep the video on constantly replay
  • We placed the smartphones in our ViewMaster virtual reality goggles (connected to a power source)
  • Set everything up on the table and let the kids enjoy their free trip to Paris at the prom.

Thanks to the help of this virtual tour guide Frédéric Gourdet VR360, we were able to take these lucky students on a guided tour, without even leaving the event FOR (Make sure you subscribe to their channel).

*Recycled/unused Smartphones- (Article Coming Soon)

Now, that’s how you #ThinkOutsideTheWorld.