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Custom QR Code Bingo Cads

We were graciously invited to introduce productivity tools at the Get Set for Tech Technology workshop hosted by the Metro Orlando Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. As an Icebreaker, we came up with a unique game we affectionately call, QR Code Bingo.

We designed the cards and generated each code to connect to various information about the organization and chapter initiatives and programs. Using the free scanner app on their smartphones, attendees were asked to scan each code to find the winning squares. The winners each received technology related gifts.

We also created another set of cards for students at a Career Day event. We believe that “we can show you, better than we can tell you”, so what better way to explain what we do, than to make a game out of it. The winning students each received, time management games to awaken their inner “business owner” mentality.

Now, that’s how you #ThinkOutsideTheWorld