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Planning, participating, collecting information for a cotillion can be a daunting task especially if the planning committee is made up of volunteers. In an effort to simplify this entire process, we designed an information system integrated website where potential donors could read information on each debutante, view pictures, make a donation, submit an ad for the souvenir journal and reserve seating for the presentation event.

With so many moving pieces for a project of this magnitude, a website helps eliminate paper waste, limits miscommunications and drives more interest toward the scholarship program.

Parents and Students who were participating in the cotillion were given access to a portal where they could make payments, view the calendar of events, download, print, submit forms, view workshop powerpoints and worksheets.

The “Submit an Ad” component made it easier to develop the souvenir journal. After the submission is made, it included detailed information on the ad regarding size, color, donor information, payment and the ad file. This gave the souvenir journal designer everything they need to create the journal seamlessly and deadlines ensure delivery in a timely manner.

Now, that’s how you #ThinkOutsideTheWorld